Digital Consultancy

With 15 years of digital experience I work with clients to help them develop and realise their vision, goals and opportunities. My aim is to help clients maximise the business benefits of digital initiatives to their organisations.


I can work with you to ensure that the process of planning, organising and controlling resources and architecture is managed so that your project is delivered to your requirements on time and to budget.

App Development

Whether you’re looking to reach more customers,  earn from an app, showcase your products and services or streamline your business I’d be delighted to work with you to build the right app.

Website Development

I believe in developing websites that are user friendly, display well across all devices and deliver on their business objectives. Whether you need a promotional website or an e-commerce website I’d be happy to work with you on this.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most powerful and personal ways to connect with your customers and opens the door for an on-going dialogue with your audience. I can help you develop your email marketing strategy and grow your email list.


It’s important to make sure your digital content is hosted in the best way for your business. I can advise on security and help you understand the different hosting options available to you.